Manufacturing Services

Prototyping and Process for Manufacturing, Wyss Institute

Ability to produce:

  • Biopolymer based hydrogels/cryogels
  • Polymer-based porous scaffolds
  • Polymer-based nano/micro particles
  • Lipid-based nano/micro particles
  • Polymer-based aggregates

Analytical expertise:

  • Drug release profiling by HPLC, SEC, GPC, Ion Exchange chromatography, fluorescence, luminescence, absorbance, Native-PAGE, SDS-PAGE, Western Blots, Agarose Gels, ELISAs/Titers, LC/MS, numerous other product specific assays including cell based assays.
  • Material characterization: Dynamic light scattering, rheology, NMR, IR, SEM, TEM, numerous other product specific assays.

Translational Capabilities:

  • Process and analytical qualification and validation capabilities
  • Support good laboratory practice (GLP) toxicity & biocompatibility testing, regulatory submissions, and in some cases early stage human clinical trials.


  • LC/MS, fluorescent/absorbance plate-reader
  • HPLC (reverse phase, size exclusion, ion exchange, hydrophilic)
  • Dynamic Light Scattering DLS
  • Zeta potential (Zetasizer)
  • Rheometer

 Contact Mutsumi Yoshida, Ph.D at for specific guidance and/or additional information about the manufacturing services or facilities available.