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WE ARE RE:GENERATION will be the event motto, which perfectly defines what participants can expect: all the scientific knowledge globally available on oral regeneration in one place at the same time. Furthermore, all the specialists of today’s and tomorrow’s generation in this field will be convening in Barcelona. At this event, the Osteology Foundation will demonstrate that we ARE theory and practice, critically thinking as well as doing, in oral tissue regeneration.

2023 will be a RE-start for all those interested in continuing education face-to-face and furthermore a RE-start that will be celebrated together with our Jubilee to be illuminated by a refreshing RE-branding of the Osteology Foundation.

Special Note:

Istvan Urban, scientific chair of the International Osteology Symposium in Barcelona and member of the Osteology Foundation Board, has a special highlight ready for you. For the first time live surgeries will be part of the congress programme. “Sofia and me will perform two extremely complex surgeries live in Barcelona. The audience will have the unique opportunity to learn advanced surgical procedures step by step”, explains Istvan Urban.

Join us next April and experience the thrill of two live surgeries at the highest level:
• Istvan Urban will perform an unprecedented execution of bone augmentation moderated by Ueli Grunder
• Sofia Aroca will execute a multiple recession coverage moderated by Mario Roccuzzo

“During live surgery you can expect the unexpected. It’s all about showing the knowledge behind your decision making, explaining and showing the precise surgical execution during the procedure”, says Sofia Aroca.
Don’t miss these two top class surgeons in the field of hard and soft-tissue management.

Next year’s International Osteology Symposium from 27-29 April 2023 in Barcelona offers an impressive programme of 80 lectures, fourteen workshops, two live surgeries and many other formats, all presented by world-leading experts in the field of oral regeneration.

Your Osteology Foundation Team

We are looking forward to seeing you in Barcelona in April 2023!

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UPDATE – 12/5/2022: Poster abstracts for next year’s International Osteology Symposium are due on December 18, 2022. Sign in and submit your poster abstract today!

UPDATE – 1/10/2023: Catch the early bird fee and Register now!

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