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Women’s health continues to be an important and understudied area of research. Materials scientists and engineers have a long history of working with medical practitioners to solve problems related to human health and have the potential role to create solutions specific to women’s health issues. This MRS/SFB joint webinar aims to address recent materials developments in women’s health, and the need for biomaterials approaches and collaborations in this broad area will be discussed. Specifically, this joint webinar will provide an overview of opportunities for materials scientists and engineers to characterize materials, design model tissue systems, and apply computational methods in order to understand normal tissue as well as disease progression in women’s health. This includes topics such as biomaterials for replicating gynecological cancer, biomaterials and computational modeling approaches for building placental models, and biomaterials for building models of the endometrium. This perspective will encourage and inspire future researchers, while engaging current researchers to think about redirecting their skills and efforts to addressing unmet needs in women’s health. Speakers will include:

    • Moderator: Joyce Wong, Boston University
    • Kaitlin Fogg, Oregon State University
    • Linda Griffith, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    • Michelle Oyen, East Carolina University

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