Industrial Technologies Advisory Board

This Board is responsible for selecting and directing technologies towards commercially viability, and advising on intellectual property (IP) issues and translation to the private sector. This board will support the RC business strategy by:

  • advising on the direction and growth of the RC’s program and activity development and to help implement strategic improvements serving as a liaison between the RC and its industrial partners, providing an opportunity for communication of current and future industry and needs.
  • making recommendations on initiatives that the RC should embark on to continuously improve to advance technologies onto the private sector.
  • assisting in nurturing the growth of technologies and expedite the match with industrial partners.
  • identifying existing and new DOC complex directions and trends in industry and advise on incorporating these within the RC.
  • gathering and managing feedback from industry and encourage greater industrial participation.


Paul Kostenuik, PhD

Dr. Kostenuik is the former Scientific Director for Metabolic Disorders Research at Amgen and currently an Adjunct Professor at Michigan. Dr. Kostenuik spent 16 years as an industry-based drug developer, with significant expertise in many scientific, regulatory, legal and clinical pathways and challenges involved in bringing products to a commercial stage. Dr. Kostenuik led several research projects from discovery into clinical development and has followed projects through the entire development cycle, regulatory approval, and commercialization (eg. Prolia®, Xgeva®).


Peter C. Johnson, MD

Peter C. Johnson, MD is a University of Notre Dame and SUNY Upstate Medical University graduate. After General and Plastic Surgery training, Dr. Johnson practiced reconstructive surgery for ten years at U. Pittsburgh where he founded and was the first President of the Pittsburgh Tissue Engineering Initiative. Subsequent roles were co-founder/CEO of Tissue Informatics, EVP of Life Sciences, CMO and CBO of Icoria, EVP, Entegrion, Inc. and VP, Research and Development and Medical and Scientific Affairs of Vancive Medical Technologies, an Avery Dennison business. He presently serves as President and CEO of Scintellix, LLC, Chief Medical Advisor to Vancive Medical Technologies and Co-Founding Principal of MedSurgPI, LLC. He has Chaired the Plastic Surgery Research Council, was President of the Pennsylvania Biotechnology Association and the Tissue Engineering Society, International (now TERMIS) and is presently the Co-Editor-in-Chief of the three-part Journal, Tissue Engineering. He serves on the board of the Transverse Myelitis Association, MEDIC – the Medical Innovators Collaborative, the Industry Advisory Board of the UNC/NC State Joint Program in Bioengineering and is Chairman of the Advisory Board for SonoVol. He is an Adjunct Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, of Biomedical Engineering at NC State and of Regenerative Medicine at Wake Forest University School of Medicine. He is an avid cook; fly fisherman, artist, novelist and farmer.

Sam Lynch, DMSc, DMD

Dr. Lynch is a periodontist, biotechnology executive and serial entrepreneur. He is the founder, CEO and Chairman of Lynch Biologics, LLC, a private biotech company focused on development of protein therapeutics for tissue repair and regeneration. He is also the founder, and past President and Chief Executive Officer of BioMimetic Therapeutics, Inc. (formerly Nasdaq: BMTI; now part of Wright Medical Group, Inc: WMGI), a public biotechnology company focused on the development of drug (recombinant proteins)-device combination products for the repair and regeneration of musculoskeletal tissues. Dr. Lynch has a strong clinical and regulatory development background and is recognized as an authority in the biological principles and clinical applications of protein therapeutics with tissue specific biomaterial devices.

Lonnie Shea, PhD

Dr. Shea is William and Valerie Hall Chair and Professor and for the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Michigan, co-Director of the Michigan Regenerative/Restorative Medicine Collaborative, and PI of Michigan’s Coulter Translational Research Program. His laboratory has worked at the interface of the development and application of biotechnologies for regenerative medicine and has developed technologies involving biomaterials as scaffolds for cell growth and as vehicles for gene, protein, and drug delivery.